Go Ape: The story of a forest adventure

Go Ape: The story of a forest adventure

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Near to each of our forest locations there is a Go Ape, a world of tree top and forest adventures. Here we turn the spotlight on this amazing company, to find out what fires them up.

A leap into the unknown

Back in 2001, Go Ape founders Tristram and Rebecca Mayhew were on holiday in the Auvergne in France with their six-month old baby. On a walk, they came across a French family swinging through the trees with abandon. From the looks on their faces, it was clear that the kids and their parents were having the time of their lives.

Already thinking about stepping off the corporate ladder, Tristram and Rebecca saw, in that family tableau, an opportunity to start a business moulded by their own values. They seized the moment, quit their London jobs and leapt into Go Ape. They opened their first Go Ape at Thetford Forest in Norfolk in 2002, just around the corner from our Thorpe Forest location. Fast forward 13 years and Go Ape has now helped millions of thrillseekers connect with their inner Tarzan and bring adventure into their lives.

A sense of freedom, a shared adventure

It’s the perfect foil for the freedom we offer at our locations. A high octane, high-up view of the forest at Go Ape is matched by a more relaxed, laid back freedom back in your cabin. Swing through the trees with your tribe, run along wooden bridges and whoop to your heart’s content.  Then soothe your aches and pains in a luxurious log cabin accompanied hot tub and still your mind with the sounds and sights of the forest around you. Go Ape is the Yin to our Yang.

"Times have changed and the freedom we all experienced as children, for many reasons, has been eroded. Go Ape is about bringing people together – family, friends, colleagues – for a shared adventure in the freedom of the forest."

"We want you to challenge, excite and surprise yourself. To be motivated to swap I can’t for I can. We want to take you on an adventure." - Co-founder Rachel

Strong roots, reaching for the skies

Like us, Go Ape is a young company with a strong sense of customer and social responsibility. They have worked alongside Forestry England to identify suitable locations for their tree top adventures, and they now have 28 adventures across the country. While many are on Forestry England land, they have recently begun to branch out and work with other landowners. "It is a great way to open up the woodlands to new users. Whatever your experience of the forest, whether it’s a gentle stroll with the dog or a full-on treetop Go Ape adventure, you are out there doing something, being natural and having fun – and that’s enough." says Rebecca.

Go Ape has added new ways to enjoy the forest. Forest Segway rides are a great way to explore the woodland area, and almost all locations now have Junior Treetop for younger children. The latest innovation is the exhilarating Zip Trekking Adventure at Grizedale Forest in the Lake District.

Swing into action

Each of our forest locations are situated close to a Go Ape, and we can’t think of a better way to enjoy all that the forest has to offer than combining the two. And to help you swing into action, Go Ape offer a discount to all our guests. Are you ready to release your inner Tarzan?