How you want to travel this year

How you want to travel this year

And what does that look like?
Forest Holidays


A holiday isn’t just those precious few days away. It’s the planning that goes into making the most of that time with loved ones. It’s the excitement at the thought of exploring a new place. It’s the anticipation in the weeks and days leading up to start of your adventure. 

We want to have amazing experiences. In fact, a third of us want to take more trips than ever after lockdown is lifted, a study by the Independent uncovered. After a life in lockdown we all want to feel untethered to our routine. And what does that look like? That’s cool camping, natural wellness breaks and staycations closer to home.  

On your doorstep 

Put simply, a staycation is enjoying a break in your own country, and not venturing abroad. It’s not a new concept, but it has often been thought of as the mini-break. The younger sister to that big two-week summer holiday overseas. But not anymore. 

The Independent found that 55% of those that took a staycation last year enjoyed it so much that they no longer feel the need to travel as far for holidays. The way we travel is shifting and there is a new appreciation of all that Great Britain has to offer.  

View of sunbeams through the forest

Explore the forest right from your doorstep.

Immerse yourself in the great outdoors 

Slower travel is another buzz word. It’s all about really immersing yourself in a new place. Taking the time to enjoy the culture, marvel at the landscapes, discover the local cuisine and uncover local experiences.  

Open spaces, like our forests, offer something magical that a hotel simply can’t. It’s an attitude, a state of mind, a feeling. It’s what makes Forest Holidays so special - you don’t just visit the forest, you feel it. The forest feeling is that magical ingredient you get to enjoy throughout your escape – and take home with you. 

The whole experience

Cool Camping isn’t pitching a tent in a grass field anymore. It can be for some, but for others it’s fairy-tale treehouses, quirky yurts and bell-tents, cosy hot tub log cabins, shepherds huts and more. Glamping is fast becoming a term we’re all familiar with. It’s making the ‘camping experience’ accessible for all. 

For us, it’s unearthing spectacular spots and exploring every trail. It’s the personal touches; the recommendation to the lovely local pub and the tip to stumble across a magnificent waterfall. Cool camping is uncovering less crowded spaces and feeling like you’ve discovered a special little secret. Forest Holidays offers a world away from the everyday, all from the comfort of a cosy cabin deep in the heart of the forest.  

Guests at Forest Holidays making a den in the forest

Discover a world away from the everyday.

Focus on the mind, body and soul 

Self-care and relaxation are high on everyone’s agenda this year. People are looking for wilderness retreats but not as we know them. Just last year Google Trends revealed searches for 'wellness retreats' have increased by 182%. The outdoors is the wellness everyone needs. Natural wellness isn’t something new. We’ve known the power it has over us for years.  

Nature has the power to make us feel better. Say yes to forest bathing with us. Say yes to listening to the birdsong on the breeze as you wander through woodland. Say yes to a digital detox.  Allow nature to seep through you - and find your forest feeling. 

Freedom and fresh air with your dog 

You want to tailor a break just for you. We get that. We also know that more and more of you want your dog to come too. Searches for ‘dog friendly accommodation’ have seen an upward trend and we can see why. We know that your dog is very much part of the family and we know that pets love getting outside.

At Forest Holidays your dog will be in heaven, snuffling through the leaves, collecting sticks, splashing in streams and of course, finding every muddy puddle. If dogs could describe their idea of the perfect holiday, they would describe a Forest Holidays break.  

Guests at Forest Holidays on a family dog walk.

Your dog will be in heaven, snuffling through the leaves and exploring the forest.

A world away 

A Forest Holiday always feels extra special. It’s the only place to discover your forest feeling – that’s the wonder of it. It will make you feel wild, feel calm, feel free, feel alive. You’ll feel happiness at the simple things and feel closer to the natural world. What will your forest feeling be? 

It’s saying yes to being together again and enjoying wild adventures in beautiful forests. It’s cosy chats in front of the log burner, stargazing in the hot tub or relaxing in your family hideaway cabin  It’s whatever you want it to be and more. Have you found your forest feeling yet?