The ultimate bucket of adventures for kids

The ultimate bucket of adventures for kids

Tick some forest adventures off your bucket list this half term
Forest Holidays


With so much to see and do in the forest, you don't want to miss a thing. That's why we've put together our adventure bucket list for kids, with top tips on things to discover on your log cabin hot tub Forest Holiday.

1. Go on a mini-beast hunt

What has six legs, carries a shield and lets off a stink bomb when you pick it up? What's the difference between a centipede and a millipede? Find out the answers to these all-important questions, catch earwigs and beetles in your mini beast pot, and take a closer look at the insects in the forest on a Forest Ranger adventure.

Try your hand at MIni Forest Rangers - available at our locations

Become a Mini Forest Ranger and hunt for forest creatures

2. Discover the heroes of the forest with Superworm and friends

Join forces with Superworm and friends in their new forest adventure! With your trail pack in hand, learn all about the small but mighty creatures in the Superworm story. Wriggle your way to a Superworm trail near you and get started on your journey to become a forest superhero!

Enjoy a perfect family day out with Superworm and friends

3. Build a den

Every great adventurer needs basic skills to survive as they trek through dense forests in search of lost civilisations. Join the Forest Ranger on a training session in the woods, as you learn how to build a shelter, light a fire, and make nettle tea.

Try den building on our Forest Ranger activities

Practice your den building skills with our Forest Ranger

4. Go off-road cycling

Columbus discovered America by ship, Scott reached the South Pole by dog sled, and you can cross the vast expanses of forest, mountain and valley by bike.

There are some fantastic trails in each of our forest locations, from gentle family rides to more extreme mountain biking for the brave of heart. You can hire bikes from the Forest Retreat.

Hire bikes from our Forest Retreat at all locations

Hire bikes from our Forest Retreats and explore the forest on two wheels

5. Ban mum and dad from screens for a day

Parents spend far too much time on their phones and laptops these days, always tapping away and missing all the fun. Make them leave the screens in the cabin, and get out into the fresh air. Find a beautiful open meadow and get your kite flying, or lie down amidst the flowers and make shapes from the clouds. As you range through the woodland trails you'll find streams to dam, trees to climb and dens to build.

Take some time to relax in the forest

Wander into the forest and relax by a nearby stream

6. Eat Jam sandwiches and drink ginger beer

Provisions are a vital part of any adventure - no one can make a great discovery on an empty stomach. You'll need jam sandwiches, cakes, a piece of fruit for the grownups, and don't forget a drink. Biscuits make great trail food - hardwearing and good for eating on the go. Find yourself a shady spot under a huge tree, feet dangling in a stream and some nice flat stones for skimming. The perfect picnic.

Enjoy lochside views from our Scotland locations

Enjoy lochside views from our Scotland locations

7. Explore a forest by night

You'll need bravery, stealth - and night vision optics, as you stalk silently through the forest at night, hunting for a glimpse of the eagle owl, the nocturnal bat or the black and white snout of a snuffling badger.

You could be a naturalist, discovering a new species - or you could be a spy, tracking your target under the cover of night. After all - it's your adventure.

Book a Night Vision activity with our Forest Rangers

Book a Night Vision activity with our Forest Rangers - see the forest after dark!

8. Swing through the trees like an ape

Would you like to swing through the trees, navigate the treetops on wobbly wooden bridges and zip line down to the forest floor? Go Ape is the perfect treetop adventure - and most of our locations have one in the forest nearby. Save 10% when you book with us directly. 

Swing through the treetops on a Go Ape adventure

Swing through the treetops on a Go Ape adventure

9. Go on a treasure hunt

Have you heard of Geocaching? If not, it's definitely something you'll want to try.

You can hire our own GPS equipment and follow the clues to hidden treasure. Each of our trails was designed and set up by our Forest Rangers, so it's not only challenging, but a great way to discover more about the forest as they have used their expert knowledge to choose exciting and unusual hiding places.

Try your hand at Geocaching - available to book now

Try your hand at Geocaching and look out for forest treasure

10. Splash and squelch in puddles

We hope that it won't rain on your holidays, but then again, rain is great for creating muddy puddles. Grab your wellies and go find the stickiest, squelchiest mud you can. We know you love to splash and play - and your parents do too, although they'll pretend it's really just for you.

Enjoy some family fun - even in the rain!

Enjoy time splashing in the rain (don't forget your wellies!)

11. Go on a Teddy Bears' Picnic in the woods

If you go down in the woods today… you can have lots of fun at the Teddy Bear's Picnic. After a walk through the woods, the Forest Ranger will tell the story of the Gruffalo. Then it's back to the Forest Retreat for the Teddy Bears' Picnic. Remember to bring your bear!

Bring your teddies along for a picnic in the woods

Bring your teddies along for a picnic in the forest

Whatever your age, tick some forest adventures off your bucket list this half term. And if the dog has a bucket list too, collecting sticks in a forest is sure to be on it! Book now to begin your bucket list of adventures!

Pet-friendly cabins are available at all locations

Pet friendly cabins available at all of our locations