Let there be lighter evenings

Let there be lighter evenings

Discover our top ideas to fill your Forest Holiday evenings
Forest Holidays


You can't have missed that the days are getting longer. No more driving home from work in the dark or feeling that you are ready for bed and realising its barely dinner time. As we emerge from our winter hibernation, how will you embrace your extended evenings?

Try Forest Bathing

Everyone can try Forest Bathing. Just a walk in the woods in the twilight hour brings a deeper connection with nature and a feeling of wellbeing. It’s a natural way to calm your senses, free from the distractions of our modern world. Enjoy that extra hour of light, soak up the natural sounds, smells, and feelings, and enjoy a profound sense of peace.

Forest Bathing

Have you tried Forest Bathing?

Golden hour photography

Everything looks better with the right light, even our beautiful forests. Pack your camera and allow the magic of the golden hour to help you take some incredible snaps. Aim for an hour before sunset and you’ll capture some stunning scenes. Trust us, everything in this light seems magical and dreamy.

Enjoy an evening of al fresco dining

Whether you are on the edge of a loch, or in a sunlit meadow, you'll have plenty of room on the decking to fire up the barbecue and enjoy an al fresco meal with your family or friends. Relax and chat together as the sun finally sets and the forest nightlife comes out to play. You have everything on hand in your cabin and the Forest Retreat is stocked with local meats and freshly baked bread.


Group meal at Forest Holidays

Try al fresco dining

Extend your forest adventures

With more time to explore in the evenings why not extend your daily forest adventure? If you are out and about on your bikes you can travel even further before you must turn back. And a balmy spring evening is a lovely time to go trail running after a day of discovering local attractions.

Uncover secrets with a Forest Ranger

Or, you can delve deeper into the mysteries of the natural world around you and join in one of our Forest Ranger adventures. Explore the forest, discover the wildlife, flora, and fauna, and find out about the local history, as your Forest Ranger leads you through the secret trails of the forest. Learn survival skills, make a fire or a shelter, and catch bugs. As the night draws in, don your night vision goggles and go in search of nocturnal wildlife.

Nocturnal Adventure

Explore the forest after hours on a Nocturnal Adventure activity

Soak up the views from the Forest Retreat

Enjoy something a little less energetic and pop down to the Forest Retreat for a glass of something fizzy to enjoy the changing views of the forest during twilight.

Plan you spring staycation with us

Whatever you choose to do, the longer days give you more time to do it. Plan a forest adventure to take advantage of the lighter evenings and fit more into your time off.  Enjoy invigorating woodland walks as the forest awakens around you. Then when the slowly lengthening days drop into dusk, head back to your couples/family hot tub log cabin for an al fresco supper, before sinking into the hot tub in the brisk night air.