A dog's eye view of Snowdonia

A dog's eye view of Snowdonia

Our canine journalist visits Beddgelert
Forest Holidays


Robyn getting her name badge ready at the office

Robyn gets her name badge ready at the office

"I’m not the biggest fan of travelling in the car but, after this week, I may have changed my mind! For my first-ever holiday my HuMum, Emma, took me to Forest Holidays Beddgelert for 4-sleeps. With the promise of walks, walks, and more walks, I packed up my favourite toy and we headed off."

Forests and dogs were made for each other – which is why we have a range of pet-friendly cabins at each of our log cabin locations. Let's see what a pet-friendly holidays are like at Forest Holidays...

Day 1: Forest Holidays, Beddgelert

Robyn's paw-some rating: 🐶🐶🐶🐶

The journey from our home in Derbyshire was around 3 hours – although I did manage to sleep through most of it. We checked in early at 2pm in the Forest Retreat and I got to meet some of the team – they were some of the friendliest, best belly rub givers I’ve ever met and I loved the treats they gave me! My HuMum practically had to drag me away but I now knew where to go for more of the same!

Robyn enjoys time in her pet-friendly cabin

Robyn enjoying her pet-friendly cabin

We then arrived at our home-from-home: a 2-bedroom Golden Oak. After a thorough check in every room – and every place I could get my nose in – I settled next to the huge windows to keep an eye out for any wildlife I could spot.

That night, with the log burner lit and after a quick walk to The Bakehouse for dinner, I started to relax and couldn’t wait to see what tomorrow would bring.

Get cosy in front of the log burner in the evening

Enjoy a cosy evening in front of the log burner

Day 2: Porthmadog and The Saracen’s Head

Robyn's paw-some rating: 🐶🐶🐶

After a peaceful first night, it was up at dawn so that Emma could try out the huge bubbly bath-type thing [hot tub] on the decking. I love my baths and was quite upset when I wasn’t allowed in. Instead, I kept watch from the cabin.

Hot tub on the decking of the cabin

Hot tub on the decking of the cabin

After breakfast, with HuMum in toe, we all headed out for our first day of exploring. Our first stop: Porthmadog. Around half an hour from Beddgelert, it’s a lovely town with a bustling high street and lots of shops. It was so busy there that I managed to get in some great people watching time while everyone took it in turns to look in the shops. At the other end of the high street is the harbour and it made for a quiet walk down past all the boats – I did try to test the water out but HuMum didn’t let me go for a swim.


A day trip to Porthmadog

Back into Beddgelert village and, on the way back to the cabin, we stopped off for some lunch at The Saracen’s Head – they welcomed me with open arms and even had a special menu for us woofs! It was so cosy and welcoming in there, I didn’t want to leave! It definitely gets a full paw-some rating of 4 paws from me and HuMum. Top tip: show your cabin key for a discount!


Day 3: Beddgelert

Robyn's paw-some rating: 🐶🐶🐶🐶

For our second day of exploring we went into Beddgelert village. As we were staying in cabin 11, the steam train stops just a ball-throw away!

I wasn’t sure of it to start with but, once we were on board (woofs are welcome on the train – we even get our own train ticket for around £3!) I soon settled down. According to HuMum, you can catch the train further up the track to Caernarfon or down to Portmeirion - meaning you and the WHOLE family can explore oodles of places without getting in the car! Make sure to check the train route map and times before you head out though!

Waiting for a train

Waiting for the train at the Forest Holidays stop

Once we got into Beddgelert village, we walked down the small high street and to Gelert’s Grave. Emma told us the Legend of Gelert and Llywelyn, and how that’s where the village gets its name, so we had to make sure we stopped there. It was quite busy with peoples and woofs (and even sheeps!) but, as it’s all outside, I didn’t have to wait anywhere while everyone looked around.

Beddgelert village

The beautiful Beddgelert village is within walking distance

After a good sniff back through the village, we (I) decided it would be a good idea to walk back to the cabin instead of catching the train. It’s a longer walk that took around half an hour at a slower pace but we all loved being out in such fresh air and I got the chance to see even more sheeps on the way!


Day 4: Caernarfon

Robyn's paw-some rating: 🐶🐶🐶

Today we made the 30-minute drive to nearby Caernarfon. The weather wasn’t on our side (even though I don’t mind the rain) but it didn’t stop us exploring the seaside town. Parking down towards the harbour, past the castle, is around £4 for the entire day so we had more than enough time to walk around and make the most of our last full day in the area.

View over Caernarfon

Views from Caernarfon Castle

For lunch, we stopped at a café opposite the castle called Gray-Thomas. After a lot of walking, I was so tired and wanted a nap so was very happy when I found out that I was welcome inside. There was also a large gift shop there too that sold lots of locally produced things – Emma enjoyed looking around and made sure to get some proper Welsh slate to take home.

Robyn visits a cafe

A quick lunch at a café in Caernarfon

Day 5: Home!

Home-time came around far too quickly for my liking – even though we had a Late Check-Out we tried to stay for the weekend but all of the cabins were fully booked. I did my best hide-and-seek when I saw the car getting packed up but to no luck. After one last stop at the Forest Retreat for even more belly rubs and treats (we stocked up for the journey home), off we set. Overall, it was one of the best weeks I’ve had and can’t wait to go back!"

Forest Holidays locations in all directions

Forest Holidays locations in all directions