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North Yorkshire has it all, and at its heart is the North Moors National Park. 1 of 15 National Parks in the UK, it covers an area of 554 square miles of moorland, coastline, forests, and dales. Packed with outdoor adventures, we’ve listed some of the best walks in North Yorkshire to discover…


Our top 10 walks in North Yorkshire

1. Ravenscar and Robin Hood's Bay

For circular walks along North Yorkshire coast, Ravenscar and Robin Hood's Bay must be first on your list. With breath-taking views, this 14.2km circular trail starts in the village of Ravenscar, taking you to Robin Hood’s Bay. This moderate trail follows scenic coastline before reaching the charming area of Boggle Hole – an area known for geology and fossil collecting. Continue along the trail until you reach Robin Hood’s Bay where you can take a pitstop for a well-deserved ice-cream on the promenade.

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Ravenscar and Robin Hoods Bay

Stop for a well deserved break at Robin Hood's Bay in North Yorkshire

2. Kettlewell Circular

With lots of circular walks in North Yorkshire to choose from, Kettlewell Circular is a popular choice. Boasting rolling hills and green pastures, this 10.5 circular trail is set in the heart of the North Yorkshire Dales. This easy trail takes you from the village of Kettlewell up a few hills, before flattening out along the River Wharfe and past scenic countryside before crossing a bridge to the village of Starbotton.

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River Wharfe in North Yorkshire

The River Wharfe is situated within the heart of the North Yorkshire Dales.

3. Hole of Horcum Circular

Next up we have another circular walk in North Yorkshire, taking you straight through the North York Moors. Hole of Horcum Circular is an 11.3km circular trail situated near the picturesque Goathland. This moderate trail takes you from the sleepy village of Levisham along a steep valley to the Hole of Horcum. Walk across the heather-filled Levisham Moor and take a well-deserved lunch break at The Horseshoe Inn.

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Levisham in North Yorkshire

Visit the sleepy village of Levisham along a steep valley to the Hole of Horcum.

4. Roseberry Topping Circular

For shorter circular walks in North Yorkshire, Roseberry Topping Circular is an ideal choice. A picture-perfect area, this 4.7km circular trail is situated near Guisborough. This moderate trail takes you up a stone track to the distinctive peak of Roseberry Topping, offering breath-taking panoramic views across North Yorkshire and Cleveland.

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Roseberry Topping circular in North Yorkshire

Roseberry Topping boasts breathtaking panoramic views across North Yorkshire.kshire and Cleveland.

5. Roseberry Topping Woodland Wildlife Walk

If you’re still eager to explore after conquering Roseberry Topping Circular then there’s plenty to see in the woods too! Roseberry Topping Woodland Wildlife walk is a 5.3km trail taking you past some of the best wildlife spots in the woods. A moderate trail, it’s a must if you’re looking for woodland walks in North Yorkshire.

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Woodland at Roseberry Topping in North Yorkshire

Explore some of the best wildlife spots in the woods.

6. Helmsley and Rievaulx Abbey

For circular walks in North Yorkshire steeped in history, Helmsley and Rievaulx Abbey is the one for you. With famous abbey ruins en-route, this 10.3km trail takes in historic pitstops along the way. An easy trail, follow the start of the Cleveland Way up a steep pathway until you reach a patch of woodland filled with garlic and bluebells. If you’re looking for bluebell walks in North Yorkshire, you’re in luck. This stretch of woodland is filled with beautiful bluebells throughout the spring. Once you reach the Rievaulx Abbey ruins, take a comfort break at Rievaulx Abbey café before retracing the first section of the walk back to Helmsley.

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Explore all that Helmsley and Rievaulx Abbey has to offer.

7. Falling Foss from Little Beck

For a stroll through enchanting woodland, Falling Foss from Little Beck is the trail for you. Made up of glorious oak trees, this 6.8km woodland circular trail is situated near Whitby. A moderate trail, it features a beautiful waterfall, which cascades from a 30-foot drop. For woodland walks in North Yorkshire this should be at the top of your list.

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Falling Floss near Whitby

Take in the views that this trail has to offer.

8. Goathland and Grosmont Rail Path

For railway walks in North Yorkshire the Goathland and Grosmont rail path is a popular choice. Taking you down an old railway line, this 5.6km trail is signposted along the way. An easy trail, it takes in views of the river and is great all-round walk suitable for people of all abilities.

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Goathland in North Yorkshire

Railway walks in North Yorkshire start in Goathland.

9. Dalby Forest and the Bridestones

For a delightful walk in the North York Moors National Park, take the Dalby Forest and the Bridestones trail. With fabulous views of naturally sculptured sandstone Bridestones, this 7.6km trail is situated on Staindale Moor just outside of Pickering. This moderate trail is easy to follow with footpaths but does have a steep climb at the start. Navigate across stepping-stones and over stiles taking in the beautiful views of these sandstone rock formations.

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Dalby Forest Bridstone Rock over valley

Enjoy the beautiful views of these sandstone rock formations.

10. Brimham Rocks and Brimham Moor

Within the Nidderdale Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, Brimham Rocks is another trail that boasts an amazing collection of natural rock formations. With formations that tower over heather moorland this 4.5km circular trail offers panoramic views across Nidderdale and to the Vale of York.

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Brimham Rocks on Brimham Moor in North Yorkshire

Formations tower over heather moorland at Brimham Rocks.

With so many walks around North Yorkshire to choose from you’ll be spoilt for choice on your walking holiday in the UK. Our pet-friendly cabins are situated within the North York Moors making them an ideal option, choose between Keldy accommodation in a sun-kissed forest or accommodation in Cropton within a picturesque grassy meadow. Book your cabin and explore this amazing area.