What natural wellness can do for you

What natural wellness can do for you

Disconnecting from the digital world
Forest Holidays


Natural wellness is escapism into nature. It’s mindful breathing, eating and living. It’s disconnecting from the digital world. We all have a need to feel untethered from our normal routine. Natural wellness is all that and more. 

Our intentions have moved towards improving our mental wellbeing and not just the physical. There’s a more nurturing and calming vibe towards wellness and we find our mind-set shifting towards the joy that Mother Nature can bring. Here’s a few ways you can allow natural wellness into your everyday - and into your next holiday. 

Renewed appreciation for the great outdoors

We’ve always known the power of nature. The wonder of the birdsong on the breeze. The feeling of scrunching of beechnuts underfoot. The specialness of gazing at the stars under the starry night sky. 

More and more of you are understanding the influence that nature can have on us. On both our mental and physical wellbeing. Scientists claim it has the power to improve moods, calm nerves, and give our health a boost. There’s a desire for that in a family friendly and pet friendly log cabin UK holiday. A break that gets you as close to nature as possible. 

Searches for ‘forest weekend breaks’ have increased by 425%. We’re not surprised. A genuine forest experience is just what everyone is craving - without even realising it. Once you're in the forest with us, you feel a special, unique and magical feeling that you can’t get anywhere else – that forest feeling. 

Find your Forest Feeling on a cabin break in the forest.

Mindful eating and living 

There’s been a huge step towards eating sustainably. An increase in people thinking about where our food comes from and eating local produce. It’s not just about wellness for you, but wellness for the world.  

The beauty of an unpackaged holiday is that you can make your holiday your own. A Forest Holiday provides more than just a place to stay – it provides endless possibilities. On a Forest Holiday you have the freedom to venture out into the local area to discover country pubs, restaurants and local gems waiting to be uncovered. 

Detox from digital

With social media, there’s a fear of missing out and a need to check what others are doing. Our digital devices can rule our world. They have such an impact that we forget to live our own lives to their fullest. Nature helps bring us back into the real world, and disconnect from our digital world for a while.  

Take time in your hot tub forest holiday to step away from the noise and appreciate nature. Take time to marvel at the countryside views and landscapes beyond. Time to have fun, reconnect with loved ones – and just be.  

Disconnect from our digital world and reconnect with nature.

Walk (and talk)

Moving is good for us. Breathing in nature is good for us. Walking in the great outdoors gives us a place to reflect, plan and simply exhale from the stress of our everyday lives. It’s about taking time to look closely at flowers, rocks, insects and more. A reminder that life is always unfolding around us. 

Explore the forest, mountains, coastlines, countryside and curate a staycation that suits you. Enjoy the wonder of Forest Bathing at Forest Holidays. Immerse yourself in the forest, let us guide you and calm your senses in a busy world. Simply spending time in the forest is a natural therapy. Forest Bathing takes it further and invites you to breathe deeply, learn techniques to find a meaningful connection with the forest and allows you to find a deeper sense of peace.  

Take a guided walk with us and finish with a shared tea ceremony. Rested, restored, recharged and relaxed. That’s how you’ll feel after a Forest Bathing session. 

Immerse yourself in the forest.

Cold therapy 

Led by Wim Hof and others, the trend of cold water immersion and cold showers looks set to grow in 2021. Cold water therapy is believed to boost the immune system, improve circulation, deepen sleep, boost energy levels and improve mood. 

Start slow and give it a go. That what we’ve been told. Want to dip your toe in the water? Wild swimming in the beautiful rivers and lochs that surround some of our Forest Holidays locations seems like a good place to start. Our team know all the secrets of the forest and where the local gems are. 

Allow nature to work its magic 

Natural wellness isn’t revolutionary. It’s something we’ve known for years. Nature has the power to make us feel better. It’s forest bathing with us. It’s waking up to sunlight streaming through the window. It’s hearing birdsong as you wander through woodland. It’s soaking up the local atmosphere in off-the-beaten-track areas of the UK. It’s allowing nature to seep through you. 

Crafted in harmony with the forest, Forest Holiday’s 11 locations are nestled within inspiring natural settings. They're places where you can connect with nature and each other. From the shores of Loch Long to the Cornish Coast, our locations provide the perfect escape from the everyday. 

Wake up to sunlight streaming through the window.