Why the forest is the only entertainment you need

Why the forest is the only entertainment you need

Discover a few reasons to book a holiday that oozes simplicity
Forest Holidays


Rediscover a sense of calm 

When you need to wind down, there’s no better place than the forest. Studies show walking through the forest can lower your blood pressure, heart rate and levels of the stress hormone cortisol. In fact just looking at trees from your family pet friendly log cabin hot tub can help settle your nervous system and provide an intensely calming effect. 

Being in the forest is also a deeply sensory experience which is what makes it so soothing. The feel of the breeze on your face, the whisper of the leaves and the sound of birdsong is the perfect background for rest and relaxation. 

Whether that’s your favourite mindfulness practices, the yoga flow you’ve been meaning to try or even the novel that’s been left forgotten on your bedside table. Time moves at a slower pace in the forest, so you’ll have more time to focus on you. 

After a little extra motivation to visit some green spaces? Forestry England has some fantastic resources on their website, including a handy blog on how the forest makes people feel. Have a read and unlock a new relationship with nature. 

Couple relaxing in the woodland

The forest offers a tranquil escape from the busy world

Experience the power of playtime

As children we spent hours nurturing our playful side, dashing around with friends and letting our imagination run free. Studies show this helps us with our development and with building skills such as creativity. But as an adult, commitments take over and playtime becomes a distant memory. 

Scientists say if we made time for playtime as adults the benefits could be vast. From improving brain functionality and memory to releasing endorphins and increasing energy levels, there’s a strong case for play in adulthood.

Our guests often tell us how once the forest wraps around them they feel like children again. Full of joy and energy they find themselves building dens, climbing trees and splashing in streams just like when they were little. 

This same approach could empower you to find freedom from your daily routine and enjoy your downtime with no inhibitions. A rarity in adult life. 

Family playing in the forest

Get outdoors and build a forest den

Keep fit and find adventure in the forest

Find yourself struggling to meet your daily step goal? Don’t fancy the idea of queuing up for machines in the gym? A holiday in the great outdoors is just what you need. 

The forest can become your base for a range of active pursuits including hiking, biking and kayaking. And if you prefer to take things at a more leisurely pace, you won’t be short of walking trails that are ideal for your four legged friend too. 

For a fun twist on fitness for all the family, make time for a trip to Go Ape. Forest Holidays guests can enjoy 10% off Go Ape ticket prices. Plan a day out and see the forest from a fresh perspective - fly down zip wires, leap off Tarzan swings and get your endorphins pumping high above the trees

Two boys and their dog in the forest

The forest is a great places to get outdoors with your four-legged-friend

Prioritise your wellbeing

If you’ve been spending your days working out from home, a change of scenery could help to keep those good habits in check. 

Simply download your favourite fitness app, pop your workout gear in your suitcase and you can get your morning workout done while reconnecting with the natural world. Surrounded by the serenity of the forest and in the privacy of your cabin’s decking area, your personal best will seem closer in reach than ever before. 

Our unpackaged forest escapes also motivate the entire family to get moving, with plenty of room for team sports such as rounders and football or games like hide and seek. With no pre-booked activities to rush off to or long car trips to plan for, your days will fill up fast with fresh air, fun and lots of laughter. All without spending a penny. 

Couple in the forest with cycle hire

Pick one of the many cycling trails and explore the forest

Something for everyone to look forward to 

In a time where open spaces, fresh air and miles of wild countryside have never sounded more desirable, make the forest your own personal playground. Combining total seclusion with the freedom to explore, our forest escapes can help you truly get away from it all. 

Log cabin at Forest Holidays

Our cabins offer the perfect base for your forest adventure

Read Forestry England’s tips on safely exploring the forest then see what UK staycations are available near you and book your next adventure today.