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Wake up to a winter wonderland

In our winter gallery, snow transforms the landscape, frost sparkles in the sunshine and the moon glows in the inky night sky.

There's so much more to winter than cosy fires and fluffy socks, lovely though they are. Waking up to a frosty day when the trees are cloaked in white, the power of the sea after a winter storm and the calm, still silence of a snowy landscape are all part of the magic of winter.

It's time to wrap up warm, step outside and discover the beauty of a winter wonderland.

1. First snows at Keldy

The snow came early to Keldy this year and the forest was transformed into a magical winter scene.

One of the great things about fresh snow in the forest is that it reveals the secrets of wildlife activity that you would otherwise miss.

2. Winter waves and breath-taking beaches

Stay at Deerpark and clear your head with a walk along a Cornish beach when the morning sunshine glints off crashing waves.

3. Snowy Sherwood Forest

One of the reasons our winter holidays are so popular is that you can immerse yourself in nature during the day and then snuggle up in your cabin at night, still close to the natural world but as snug as a bug in a rug. How cosy does this cabin at Sherwood Forest look?

4. Stunning loch views from a steamy hot tub in Scotland

When the mercury dips, jump in the hot tub. What better way is there to admire the winter view of snow-capped mountains and icy lochs than from your hot tub at Ardgartan Argyll?

5. Winter on the Norfolk Broads

The Norfolk Broads National Park, just under an hour from Thorpe Forest, takes on a mystical beauty on a frosty winter's day. Here, blanketed in pure white, and suffused with the soft peach tones of a winter sunrise, a magical spell is cast.

6. Winter wildlife

Winter is a great time for wildlife watching as the summer foliage disappears and animals become more daring in their search for food. Scotland's "Big 5" including the magnificent Red Deer (whose coat darkens to grey in the winter) may all be spotted on a winter holiday at Strathyre

You may also be lucky enough to meet our resident pine martens.

7. Look up! Super moons and starlit skies

The stars shine brilliantly on a clear winter's night. Look for shooting stars on 3 to 4 January as the Quarantids meteor shower passes. The constellations of Orion, the Pleiades - or seven sisters - and Gemini are all visible in the winter and on 31 January it’s a super blue moon, best viewed from a cosy cabin at Blackwood Forest, through the dramatic floor to ceiling windows.

8. Sunshine and snow in the forest

The winter sun, low in the sky, glistens on the snow at Cropton, inviting you out for a winter walk.

Bring the dog, who will bound around excitedly in the snow, and afterwards, drop into the Forest Retreat for hot drinks in the warm glow of the wood-burning stove.

9. First signs of spring?

Snowdrops, with their bold green stems and delicately drooping heads, are the first signs of a world awakening in the deep midwinter; a hint of what's around the corner. Gerry, our Forest Ranger at Forest of Dean, took this photo last year.

It's time to wrap up, put the dog on the lead and get fresh-faced as you enjoy the glory of the Great British winter. Book a winter holiday in the forest today, and embrace the season.