Why workations are starting to ‘work’

Why workations are starting to ‘work’

Forest Holidays


In the aftermath of the pandemic, we find ourselves working from home a lot more. We’re often in a hybrid world of the office and our desk at home. It’s only natural that this could open new doors to working in a different and unique setting. The workation is a trend that’s on the rise, that’s for sure.

The power of time away (and nature) 

A change of scene can make us more productive. We’ve got an innate need for variety and the same scene every day can make us feel a little low. Working in a new space creates a buzz and sparks that creativity once more.  

Now, nature is another story. People who spend more time in nature have quieter, more focussed brains. When people and nature come together, we know good things always happen. 

Landscape view at Forest Holidays location

A change of scene can make us more productive.

A way to beat burnout 

Burnout is a state of being overstressed for quite some time. It can be a tough rut to escape from, but a workation can be one solution to try. There’s no jobs in the home to distract you. There’s no everyday worries and it almost feels like a fresh start to improve your workflow.  

Escaping the daily routine and enjoying a change of scenery means that employees feel more satisfied with their job.

Our team love working in the forest 

It’s no surprise that a number of our team love working in the forest. Some of our very best ideas and creative thinking are sparked by just being amongst nature. It’s a powerful reminder of what we offer our guests, and an interesting balance of work and play. 

"It’s amazing to have the opportunity to work from our locations. It reminds me how lucky I am to work for such an incredible company with a product that I love and feel passionate about. Spending time in the forest and our cabins is calming. It inspires me and makes me feel more productive." Jordan Norgrove, Forest Holidays 

Teamwork at Forest Holidays cabin

Some of our very best ideas are sparked by just being amongst nature.

So, why the forest? 

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, connecting with nature is incredibly good for our mental health. You can rise and shine to nature’s alarm clock and start your working day with a difference. Just imagine switching off the laptop at the end of the day, so that you can enjoy your evening with the relaxing rustle of trees and uplifting birdsong.   

A few things to think about before you book: 

  • If you can work remotely, you can do it! 
  • Make sure your team are aware – keep up regular catch-up calls 
  • Set a routine – and stick to it 

Book your very own workation 

We’ve been taught to keep work and play apart but we believe business and leisure can work together. There’s a newfound flexibility in our working world that means workcations are a very viable option. And we’re right behind them.