Meet Alison, our Forest Ranger at Blackwood Forest

Meet Alison, our Forest Ranger at Blackwood Forest

Forest Holidays

Meet Alison, your Forest Ranger at Blackwood Forest who has lots of experience in managing forest habitats and is an expert in all things wildlife and nature! Accompanying you on your Forest Ranger activities, Alison will show you all the hidden workings of the forest! There is a full programme of Forest Ranger activities to keep you busy, including the popular Nocturnal Adventure and also Mini Forest Rangers. 

Alison, Forest Ranger

Alison, our Forest Ranger at Blackwood is a forest school practitioner and early years educator. Her background is in Countryside and Wildlife Management and she has taught practical habitat management at Sparsholt College. She is passionate about the benefits that the beautiful woodlands at Blackwood Forest can bring to everyone.

Special interests

Alison has a particular interest in butterflies and is very pleased that Blackwood Forest hosts the Purple Emperor butterfly.

Favourite wildlife fact

The Purple Emperor is a regal sounding butterfly, but it does have a rather revolting desire in taste! They tend to feast in the morning on salts found in gravel, dog faeces, rotting meat and other pretty disgusting items!