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Meet Andy, our Forest Ranger at Ardgartan Argyll

Deepen your connection to the great outdoors with selection of Forest Ranger activities designed to help you uncover the secrets of Argyll Forest. Friendly, fun and full of information, Andy, our Forest Ranger at Ardgartan Argyll is on hand to help you enjoy an unforgettable forest experience. Have a chat when you see him to learn about life in the forest or venture out on a Nocturnal Adventure or Forest Discovery session to test your outdoor survival skills.


Andy, Forest Ranger

Andy - aka ‘the batman’ - lives and works in the Argyll Forest. He’s a mountain man with a passion for Scotland’s natural wildlife. When he’s not leading forest walks, he may be found canoeing on Loch Long.

Favourite British wild animals

Bats and otters

Favourite joke

Why do owls find it hard to find a partner in the west coast? Because, sometimes, it's too wet to woo!

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