Meet our Forest Rangers at Strathyre

Meet our Forest Rangers at Strathyre

Forest Holidays

Our enthusiastic Forest Rangers at Strathrye have boundless expertise and they can't wait to share them with you. Whether you're looking out for pine marten on a Nocturnal Adventure or learning to be a Mini Forest Ranger, Jack and Pauline are sure to bring the forest to life on any of our Forest Ranger activities.

Jack, Forest Ranger

If you're staying with us at Strathyre, you'll meet Jack, your friendly Forest Ranger. Jack shares the skills and knowledge he's picked up during his time in countryside management. His passion and enthusiasm for nature is contagious - join him for a unique and memorable Forest Ranger activity during your stay!

Favourite food

A nicely cooked steak!

Favourite joke

What happens when you come across a four leaf clover and poison ivy? You get a rash of good luck!

Pauline, Forest Ranger

Pauline is one of our Forest Rangers and environmental enthusiasts at Strathyre. She loves that the forest is ever changing with the seasons; living and breathing, growing and maturing throughout the year. She will instruct you on how to spot the golden eagles, osprey, pine martens and red squirrels.

Rarest animal sighting

It has to be the pine martens. Our pine martens are always surprising. They are accomplished hunters and very greedy foragers. Having pine martens at Strathyre is a good indication of a healthy ecosystem and guests staying with us during survey time are very welcome to assist.

Favourite Scottish animal

The red deer stag. In this area we have red, roe and fallow deer but the red is majestic, iconic and beautiful.