Meet Robin, our Forest Ranger at Cropton

Meet Robin, our Forest Ranger at Cropton

Forest Holidays

Robin, your Forest Ranger at Cropton, is full of interesting and entertaining forest facts and is on location from dawn ‘til dusk and beyond, to share them with you. Join him on one of his Forest Ranger adventures, or simply have a chat and learn about life in the forest from the expert.

Robin, Forest Ranger

Meet Robin, our Forest Ranger at Cropton, he is here to teach you the many secrets of the forest. He can help show you the diversity of the forest, from the largest animals to the tiniest of plants. He carries out monitoring specifically for turtle doves, water voles and wild flowers, but also keeps an eye out for anything else of particular interest he might find in the area!

Rarest wildlife sighting

Robin's rarest wildlife sighting in the forest has been the nightjar. 

Fun forest fact

Beavers where reintroduced to Cropton in 2019.