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10 Reasons to spend New Year’s Eve in a Cabin in the Woods

What are you doing for New Year’s Eve? If you still haven’t arranged anything, then look no further. A cabin in the forest may be just what you’re looking for. Still not convinced? We’ve listed our top 10 reasons to enjoy your New Year’s Eve break in the forest...

  1. You can escape to reflect on the year you’ve had. Did you achieve all that you had hoped for? Take the opportunity to relax, away from the day-to-day, and pat yourself on the back for all that you’ve achieved this year however big or small they might be. An end of year review is a great way to set yourself up for the new year.
  2. You can find time and space to plan the year ahead. Decide what you want for the coming year and make SMART goals – Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time-specific. Then have a glass of Champagne and hit the hot tub. Job done.
  3. You can start your new year’s resolutions on Day 1. If exercise is on your list, step from the door of your cabin into nature’s gym, – it’s better than rashly tying yourself into monthly gym membership that could lose its appeal before January is out.
  4. You can go for long winter walks through stunning landscapes. Every one of our forest locations has its own beauty and charm. From the rugged mountains and glassy lochs of Scotland to the beautiful beech trees of Blackwood Forest, lose yourself in a winter wonderland.
  5. You can enjoy a truly Scottish Hogmanay. Can’t find what you’re looking for this year? Book ahead for next year and look forward to the prospect of celebrating in the true home of Hogmanay.
  6. You can visit the seaside on New Year’s Day. Feel the salt-tingle of the sea air down at Polperro harbour near Deerpark. Or, if you are feeling properly hardy, the East Yorkshire coast is the place to blow away the cobwebs of the old year, along with probably your hat and scarf. Stay at Cropton or Keldy, where you can return to the altogether gentler tingle of your hot tub.
  7. You can reconnect with nature at this mystical time of year. Forests are natural, healthy places, where your spirit is enriched. There is a growing body of evidence supporting the therapeutic value of spending time in a forest. The Japanese call it Shinrin Yoku – Forest Bathing, and we can’t think of a better description. Start your new year healthy in spirit and the rest will follow.
  8. You can party in your cabin as the New Year rings in. Get family and friends together for a memorable celebration. Book as many cabins as you need – we’re talking next year now – and bring your party to the forest. Your open plan kitchen and living area is the ideal space for a gathering, and it will be a New Year’s Eve like no other.
  9. You can find peace amidst the party season. Wind down, not up. Leave behind the brash city lights, the sudden introduction of entrance fees to your local pub and the desperate fight for an overpriced taxi at 2am. Sink into a hot tub, bubbly in hand, and enjoy a peaceful New Year.
  10. You can do whatever you fancy. Relax and let the days take their own shape. Walk, eat, sleep, drink, party, birdwatch, stargaze. You get the picture. Who said there were rules for a New Year celebration? 

Make New Year’s Eve extra special but whatever you do, have a Happy New Year!