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Find out how to make your break in Cheshire a deliciously slow one

Forest Holidays

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Popularised by the Instagram hashtag #TheArtOfSlowLiving and championed by magazines such as Kinfolk, the idea of living life at a slower pace is undeniably appealing. Whether you’re keen to spend more time offline or are simply in need of respite from the hectic modern world, find out how to make your break in Cheshire a deliciously slow one.


Chow down on some vegan treats

With so many activities in Cheshire to choose from, coffee tasting may seem a little unconventional. But vegan eatery The Jaunty Goat is putting speciality coffee at the forefront of the Cheshire scene. 

Situated just 25 minutes from our Delamere Forest location this bright, plant-filled space is tucked away in the thriving Northgate quarter. The minimal decor, locally sourced produce and steaming cups of their signature house blend will make it difficult to tear yourself away. Especially when there’s a menu teaming with seasonal vegan plates for you to sample.  

Luckily the shelves are stocked with bags of coffee and homebrewing kits which means you can bring all the good stuff back to your Delamere Forest accommodation. Don’t forget to ask for two helpings of lentil dahl and a couple of their famous cheese toasties to go - trust us. 

The Jaunty Goat

Image Credit: The Jaunty Goat

Load up on zero waste goodies 

Our Delamere Forest log cabins are well equipped with everything required for a cosy night in. That includes a kitchen for trying out your best home cooking recipes away from home. 

Weigh of the World is the first ever zero waste shop in Northwich (a short 25 minute drive from Delamere Forest). It’s packed with all the essentials you need to cook up a healthy meal after a day outdoors - in a way that’s kinder to our planet. 

Weigh of the world

Image Credit: Weigh of the world

Discover the joy of Forest Bathing 

This Japanese practice is the latest lifestyle trend to hit our shores. Forest bathing is a technique rooted in mindfulness and involves using all five senses to connect with the environment and clear your mind. 

Our Delamere Forest location is nestled within a corner of the Cheshire Plain and filled with an abundance of evergreen trees making it an ideal place to be at one with nature. Surrounded by the whispering leaves, refresh your mindset and try Forest Bathing in your own way. If you want to reconnect with nature on a deeper level why not try one of the many walks in Cheshire and feel revived and renewed. 

Forest Bathing at Blackwood Forest

Forest Bathing

Hunker down with an inviting read

We can often be tempted to while away the hours staring at screens. Especially when it’s so easy to binge another episode of that addictive Netflix series. Delving into a good book is a great alternative - it presents an opportunity to try a digital detox and immerse ourselves in an entirely new world. 

Just over 30 minutes from Delamere Forest is Nantwich Bookshop. This family-run independent bookshop and coffee lounge is a firm favourite with locals and is somewhere you can truly unwind. Further afield you can also discover Bramhall's award-winning independent bookshop and cafe, Simply Books. A hub for literary lovers and home to a secret cinema too. 


Discover Bramhall's award-winning independent bookshop

Shop for ‘conscious clothing’ in an indie store

Retail therapy is often linked with over consumption and groaning bags filled with fast fashion. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Making the switch to ethical fashion or curating a thoughtfully considered capsule wardrobe can be just what you need to feel like the best version of yourself. 

Luckily the nearby Hale high street is the ultimate destination for a style revamp. Just 40 minutes away from Delamere Forest, it’s home to a number of independent boutiques which make it easy for you to become part of the ‘shop small’ movement. 

Our tip? If sustainable fashion is your thing, pop by Basil and Bea. This style conscious store is the only UK stockist of ethical brand Beaumont Organic. 

Clothes shopping

Sustainable fashion

Coming soon: Slow living in the heart of Delamere Forest

Our newest location opens in 2021, offering you the opportunity to find peace and quiet as you relax in your very own cabin in the forest. 

Be the first to stay in calming Delamere Forest log cabins nestled within the Cheshire countryside and uncover the ultimate slow living experience. Book your next break today and experience our new Delamere Forest accommodation when it opens in April 2021. 

Cabin in Delamere Forest

Cabins amongst the trees in Delamere Forest