Get involved with English Tourism Week

Get involved with English Tourism Week

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English Tourism Week celebrates the work of the local people, entrepreneurs, small shops and family businesses that make holidays in the UK so great. But how can you do your bit to get involved if you can’t visit your usual holiday spot?

Shop local 

Next time you need to stock up on essentials, see what your nearby high streets have to offer by checking local social media groups. 

It’s been uplifting to see how small businesses have been getting creative during this time. From farms that deliver wonky veg boxes to cafes that can drop a cream tea off at the doorstep, there’s lots of exciting new services for you to try. Just the thing if you want to show some love to your local stores and treat yourself at the same time. 

Afternoon tea

Book or order an Afternoon tea

Stock up on vouchers

We’re all missing our favourite hang-outs - and they definitely miss us too. 

Perhaps you’re a regular at a local coffee shop? Or you adore the cocktails crafted at your town’s most popular bar? Let businesses know you're looking forward to seeing them reopen by making plans for the future. 

Find out how you can become a member of your local art gallery or indie cinema. Check the websites of restaurants and pubs to see if you can purchase a gift card or voucher online. If you're feeling fancy you can treat everyone you know - perfect for arranging a get-together when happier times return. 

Support local businesses

Support local businesses

Get social 

You can also support English Tourism Week without spending a penny. This is thanks to the world of social media where every like, comment and share can mean the world to a small business owner. 

Leave a Facebook review for the builder who went the extra mile on your home project or the DJ who got everyone dancing at your wedding. Tell your Instagram followers about your longtime hairdresser (we’re all going to need a good one after lockdown is over). Know a great personal trainer or florist? Now’s the time to sing their praises. 

Not only is this a mood-booster for your favourite small businesses, it’ll help boost the local economy too. 

Leaving a review online

Leave a review online

And when the time is right, book a family staycation… 

Your local area may not be a typical tourist hotspot, but we believe every corner of the country has something special to offer. It’s one of the reasons our locations are based in off-the-beaten-track areas of the UK - and why there’s no need to travel far to rekindle your love of exploration. 

Give yourself something to look forward to by booking a hot tub holiday near home when the time is right for travel. Explore our self-catering UK holiday locations to see which one is closest, then enjoy a few days falling back in love with your favourite local businesses. Home is where the heart is after all. 

Support English Tourism Week by heading to their website and using their hashtag #EnglishTourismWeek20 on social media. Find out how Forest Holidays support English tourism

You can also champion any local businesses you discovered on a forest escape. Reach out to us on social using the hashtag #MyFavouriteMemory. We love to hear about your UK holiday adventures from days gone by.