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Turn off and tune in with life (for a day)

Think you could go completely offline for a day? Take part in National Unplugging Day this weekend (Sunday 26th June) and discover life outside your screen.

The first ever UK National Unplugging Day in 2015 was a huge success. For those who joined in, it was a chance to take a step back from their reliance on smartphones, tablets and laptops and live in the here and now for the day. 

Here at Forest Holidays, we love the concept of National Unplugging Day. Our holidays are all about reconnecting - with nature, with those you love and with yourself. You won't do this from behind a screen!

What is National Unplugging Day?

The organisers of this Digital Detox movement are asking parents in particular to give their children a day off from the screen, to #GoGadgetFree and to fill the day instead with family activities that don’t need technology. This of course means that parents have to put their phones down too! 

Why should we unplug?

Now, before we go any further, let's agree – technology is not a bad thing. But, if we are going to be absolutely honest, it is a little bit addictive, isn't it? It’s handy when the kids are on the X-Box and you can get on with the housework or gardening; it's hard not to check Facebook every time you pick up your phone; and it's nearly impossible to ignore the ping of an email or text message.

National Unplugging Day is the opportunity to take a step back. To switch everything off and see what happens. Evidence is building that our addiction to technology is harming us; parents and children often occupy the same space but may be each in their own online world - connected but not connecting. It's become our natural state, but the danger is that the things that used to be natural are being lost. National Unplugging day is a chance to rediscover what real life is all about.

In the words of the organisers: "It's a day where we urge everyone to come together and release their inner child and break free from technology to re-connect with themselves and those they love."

Unplugged at Forest Holidays

Most of our locations are remote and phone reception can be patchy.  We have optional internet access but many guests choose not to take it. We find that when new guests arrive they are nervous about ‘switching off’ and unsure as to how they will cope. This usually lasts for a few hours until, slowly but surely, they unwind, reconnect with the world around them and take in the full sensory experience of the forest. By the end of their first day, they love their new freedom and feel liberated from the tyranny of being 'always on.’

Now the adventure starts; whether it’s climbing, canoeing and archery, or chilling, chatting and hot tub time. Reconnecting with nature is high on the list and the Forest Ranger activities are popular with children and adults alike – building dens, learning to light fires, spotting wild animals and finding out which plants you can eat. 

You can learn about all these things online, but here in the forest you actually do them! And you do them together, everyone present in the moment. This sense of shared discovery and shared pleasures is what real life is all about.

Creating memories

We all think that technology is crucial to capture memories – photos for Instagram, videos for YouTube, exciting status updates for Facebook and Twitter. But when we put down the phone, step forward and live those moments in real time, that’s when we create memories.

When our guests leave, we ask them to tell us what their favourite memory has been. We have had some beautiful and simple stories that talk about generations of family together, long walks, hot tub fun and seeing all types of forest wildlife. No one so far has mentioned time spent on their tablet or smartphone.

Unplug for the day

Are you up for it? Think you can go cold turkey on the technology? Make it easy by booking a cabin and filling your day with forest fun.

However you spend it, enjoy your day offline….and we’ll catch up with you on Monday to see how it went.