The power of nature connection

The power of nature connection

Finding health and happiness amongst nature
Forest Holidays


Being in nature helps us to feel better in our mental and physical health and, as a thank you, we want to care for and protect it more. We all benefit!

What is nature connection?

Nature connection is about our relationship with nature – how we think about, feel about, and experience nature. The science of nature connectedness focuses on the psychology of this human-nature relationship.

When we feel close to nature, we recognise our shared futures and understand how we are part of the natural world. We notice it, value our relationship with it, and feel happier in it due to these connections.

The pathways to nature connection

We love the forest and the amazing wildlife who live here. We all have a big responsibility to help look after nature, so that the forest is still here for us to enjoy, and for wildlife to stay healthy. The forest’s future is linked to our own future and so by getting out into nature and making a connection with the world around us, we can all learn how to take care of it – and ourselves.

There’s proof that by helping nature, we feel good too! Research shows that the closer we get to nature, the happier we are and the more we want to help wildlife and look after our environment. Experts at the University of Derby have found five pathways to help us get closer to nature – at Forest Holidays, we call them our stepping stones.

The five stepping stones

Follow our five stepping stones to feel closer to nature! If you make sure you follow these whenever you’re out and about in nature, you’ll feel the benefits of being surrounded by wildlife.






The five pathways

Building your relationship with nature starts with the five pathways to nature connection. These are University of Derby scientists’ recommended ways of being in, engaging with, and relating to nature that help us grow closer to nature. Their research shows that when people follow these pathways when out and about in nature, they feel closer to the rest of the natural world.

  • Senses – exploring and experiencing nature through all the senses
  • Beauty – seeking and appreciating the beauty of the natural world
  • Emotion – noticing and welcoming the feelings nature inspires
  • Meaning – celebrating and sharing nature’s events and stories
  • Compassion – helping and caring for nature

As a Certified B Corp, nature conservation is at the heart of everything we do. We tread lightly in the forest, only adding good things – and we take nothing away. We support the forest and create and monitor habitats that contribute to a nature positive UK, providing incredible holiday experiences that help you make your own unique connections with nature.

How to get close to nature on your Forest Holiday

You can experience the forest and switch on these pathways by following the stepping stones on our new Nature Discovery Trail (at Delamere Forest) or Forest Nature Trail at our locations (not including Beddgelert and Garwnant). Or why not discover the forest with your Forest Ranger on a one-of-a-kind adventure? It's all here waiting for you.


Follow our self-led trails

  • Nature Discovery Trail at Delamere

    Nature Discovery Trail at Delamere

    Take an adventure in the forest and use your discovery pack to follow our five stepping stones to nature. Explore the incredible wildlife around you, get stuck into activities and learn amazing things!

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  • Forest Nature Trail

    Forest Nature Trail

    Get hands-on in the forest with our brand-new nature trail. Follow our five stepping stones to nature and explore the incredible wildlife around you. Get stuck into activities and learn amazing things about the forest! Excludes Beddgelert and Garwnant.

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Explore with a Forest Ranger

Our Forest Rangers are experts in helping you have fun in the great outdoors. They’re bursting with passion for wildlife and know the forests like the back of their hand.

Forest Ranger activities are designed with the forest in mind, helping you experience the best of nature at each and every one of our locations. Our Forest Rangers have so many special talents –from survival skills and bushcraft to mindfulness and Forest Bathing.

Unwind in the natural wonder of the forest, take a one-of-a-kind adventure, or simply take the chance to be guided in the forest so you can understand and connect with the wildlife around you. We’ll show you how.

Forest Ranger activities