A world tour of Scotland

A world tour of Scotland

Let us take you on a world tour of Scotland
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You don't need to go to the Caribbean for a white sandy beach, or Japan to enjoy an exquisite garden, or Brazil for a lush rainforest. They are all right here in Scotland!  Hop aboard and enjoy a tour of the world in one small but beautiful country on the edge of Europe. And then, come and see some of these amazing sights for real.

1. A French chateau... in the Highlands

Have you ever canoed down the Dordogne River in France? High on the sides of the valley, countless castles in Scotland and chateaux stand proud amid the trees. None are quite so captivating as Dunrobin Castle, right here in Scotland.

White stone walls at Dunrobin Castle

Stunning Dunrobin Castle in Scotland

2. A Caribbean beach... in the Outer Hebrides

As the sun rises over the soft white sands and azure blue waters at Vatersay Beach, you could be in the Caribbean. You might need your sweater but the views more than make up for the temperature.

Sunrise over blue waters at Vatersay Beach

Romantic sunrise over Vatersay Beach

3. A verdant rainforest... in West Argyll

The Caledonian Forest was an ancient Atlantic temperate rainforest. In many of the remaining remnants of the forest, humid sea air and mild (for Scotland) temperatures have created a mysterious and magical landscape. Stay at Ardgartan Argyll and visit Puck's Glen.

Waterfalls and lush green forest at Puck's Glen

Take in the beautiful waterfall views at the magical Puck's Glen

4. A Greek island beach... on the west coast of Scotland

Have you seen the most photographed beach in Greece, Shipwreck Beach in Zakinthos? Achmelvich beach in Sutherland is more beautiful and you don't need a boat to get there (although if you live anywhere south of Inverness, it’s a long journey!)

Blue waters and green coastline at Achmelvich beach

Crystal clear waters surrounded by rugged landscape at Achmelvich beach

5. A Japanese Garden... near Stirling

A stunning oasis and a labour of love, the Japanese Garden at Cowden Castle has been painstakingly restored over the last few years to its former, early 20th Century glory.

Image credit:
© The Japanese Garden at Cowden Castle
Japanese garden at Cowden Castle

Meander your way through the tranquil Japanese Garden at Cowden Castle

6. On safari... in the Trossachs National Park

Stay at Strathyre and spend the day at the Blair Drummond Safari Park. Your chances of spotting giraffes, elephants, zebras, lions and tigers are higher than on a Masai Mara safari!

Tiger perched on a log at Blair Drummond Safari Park

Spot his stripes at Blair Drummond Safari Park

7. Urban graffiti... on a castle

You can take the street art out of Bogota or Berlin…and wrap it around a castle in Scotland. The result would be Kelburn Castle in Ayrshire, which has to be seen to be believed.

Colourful graffiti artwork wrapped around Kelburn Castle

Take in the creative artwork at Kelburn Castle

8. A Swiss ski resort... in the Cairngorms

Skiing in the Cairngorms can be every bit as exhilarating as alpine skiing – with fewer weekday skiers, some amazing off-piste skiing and an altogether friendlier vibe.


Grab your boots and head to the slopes in Cairngorms

9. A Roman skyline... in Edinburgh

Overlooking Edinburgh, the National Monument of Scotland is a memorial to those who died in the Napoleonic Wars. Modelled on the Parthenon, it was left unfinished in 1829 due to a lack of money. This led to it being known as "Scotland’s disgrace". We rather like it!

National Monument of Scotland illuminated by a spotlight

Illuminated by night, the National Monument of Scotland stands tall

What are some of your family friendly favourite Scottish places to visit?