The best walks in Nottingham

The best walks in Nottingham

Our guide to the top trails

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With so much many walks in Nottingham to choose from we’ve listed our top 5 trails, so pull on your walking boots, leave your luxurious hot tub and family appropriate log cabin behind and get ready to explore Sherwood Forest.

Our top 5 places to walk in Nottingham

1. Dragonfly trail

First on our list for places to walk in Nottingham is, the Dragonfly trail, situated within Sherwood Pines. A flat and easy route, this 1.6km trail is suitable for families with young children thanks to the many play areas along the way. Its all-weather surface makes it ideal for pushchairs, and if you have mobility issues this trail is also one for you to enjoy. An easy access grade, follow the waymarkers with a white band to navigate your way through the trail. Enjoy views of some of the oldest trees in the forest and don’t forget your picnic as this route has a seating area at the Dragonfly Pond!

Sherwood Pines in Nottingham

View of Sherwood Pines in Nottinghamshire.

2. Nightjar trail

Next on our list of walks in Nottingham is, the Nightjar trail, also situated within Sherwood Pines. A peaceful and relaxing route, this 4.8km trail is suitable for families with older children due to the unsurfaced path along part of the way. It follows the Dragonfly trail before taking you through a range of habitats within the forest. A moderate grade trail, follow the pink markers taking you through mature pine and heathland.

Sherwood Pines in Nottingham

Sherwood Pines in Nottinghamshire.

3. Ranger's path at Sherwood Pines

If you’re looking for a slightly longer walk, the Ranger’s path at Sherwood Pines is the one for you. This 7.2km route is the longest walking trail on offer at Sherwood Pines and allows you to explore the forest and gain an insight into how it operates. Venture through the outer areas, discover some of the historic features and experience your own piece of woodland solitude. The trail is not suitable for pushchairs or people with mobility issues due to the uneven terrain. Follow the brown markers to navigate your way through this unique trail.

Sherwood Pines in Nottingham

View through the trees at Sherwood Pines in Nottinghamshire.

4. Cossall Canal walk

Cossall Canal walk is a Nottingham city canal walk situated near the picturesque village of its namesake, Cossall. A 4.8km circular route, there are uneven paths that can get very steep at points. Take in views of St. Catherine’s Church and enjoy the wildlife along the way. Expect to see wildflowers, a haven for butterflies, dragonflies, and damselflies. Find out more about Cossall Canal walk in this guide, with a useful map.

5. Wollaton Park

Last on our list of walks in Nottingham is, Wollaton Park, situated west of Nottingham city centre. Suitable for people of all ages and popular amongst families with children due to the many things to do. With 500-acre to explore its home to a deer park as well as children’s parks, lakes, and formal gardens. The area consists of smooth terrain for the most part offering a gentle walk suitable for all abilities. Find out more about Wollaton Park and view a map of the area.

Wollaton Park in Nottingham

Wollaton Park in Nottingham.

With miles of trails on offer, there is so much to be discovered on your next walking holiday in Nottinghamshire. Looking for a place to call home? Our hot tub accommodation at Sherwood Forest are dotted among statuesque pine trees, some almost hidden from view! Spend the day strolling through the forest, join a Nottingham canal walk offering spectacular views, or walk through a deer park where you’re sure to get a glimpse of a majestic deer, before returning to your cosy hot tub cabin.