Top tips for taking your dog on holiday

Top tips for taking your dog on holiday

Everything you should know before your holiday

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At Sophie Allport, we love all things animals, exploring the countryside and getting well and truly immersed around nature, as you can tell by most of our collections. We know just as much as any dog owner does, that horrible feeling when you drop off your furry friend to a family member while heading off for a week or two on a well-deserved holiday. Are you looking to take your pet on a dog-friendly holiday? Forest Holidays have a range of family and pet-friendly hot tub cabins for you to choose from, with destinations located all around the country.

1. Travel arrangements 

Some dogs love a long car journey and will happily watch out the window with their tails wagging, but some become stressed out and much prefer to be running around or chasing a ball. Before booking your stay, think about how far you can realistically travel with your dog in the car or on a train. If you do plan to travel quite a distance, remember to stop for toilet breaks (and I'm not talking for yourself), your four-legged friend will need to pee, some fresh air, a chance to stretch their legs and have plenty to drink, (especially if it's a warm day or you have the heating on in the car).

2. Make it a home from home

If your dog hasn't been away from home before or doesn't go away very often, then try and keep them to a regular routine. Take something that smells familiar like their favourite pet bed, blankets and toys, to help stop them from feeling worried, upset or unsettled. Go for a long walk, let them explore their new surroundings and get used to where they will be staying.

Sophie Allport dog bed

Sophie Allport dog bedding

3. Find a pet friendly location

Do your research beforehand and look out for pet-friendly restaurants, cafes, parks and beaches. Lots of attractions and places are more than happy to let friendly and well-behaved dogs in, write a list of the different things that you want to do and call around to see if places are pet-friendly. If you plan to leave your pet in your own home occasionally, then ensure that you aren’t gone for too long, as you don’t want to come back to shredded furniture (oops).

Dogs wearing Sophie Allport leads

Sophie Allport dog leads

4. Safety

If you have a garden or private outdoor area, make sure it is enclosed and secure before letting your pup run free, the last thing you want is your dog escaping. Ensure they are micro-chipped just in case they do go missing (it's better to be safe). While on walks, be a little more vigilant than you usually would, keep your dog on a lead just in case and look out for streams, rivers, wild animals, cliff edges or any other potential dangers. Before you go away, research vets around the local area and keep their details close by throughout your stay, just in case.

5. Supply checklist

Create a checklist before you leave to ensure that you don’t forget anything – we’ve put a quick one together:

    • Food & water bowls
    • Favourite dog food & treats
    • Collar, lead and ID tag
    • Towels
    • Dogs bed and cosy blankets
    • Any medication your dog needs
    • Toys that your dog loves
    • Waste bags
    • First aid kit
    • Microchip details
    • Water for the journey

There we have it, our top tips for taking your dog on a UK holiday! Have you seen our pet collection? From cosy pet beds and mattresses to leads and collars, we have a delightful collection for your pooch! Head over to Sophie Allport to see our wide range of products and why not even treat yourself to a lovely candle, a new bag or maybe some new kitchenware?