What's on your English bucket list?

What's on your English bucket list?

Discover our ultimate English bucket list
Forest Holidays


When you are planning your holiday this year, make life simple, but exciting. Book an activity holiday here in the UK – no passport required, no flight delays and everyone speaks English. Now, have a look at our English bucket list and decide which activity you are going to tick off first.


Visit Stonehenge

Stonehenge, England’s most famous landmark is a mysterious and awe-inspiring monument dating back to Neolithic times.  Everybody should visit it at least once in their life.  Stay at our pet friendly hot tub cabins at Blackwood Forest, which is just over half an hour away.


Cruise the Norfolk Broads

A happy accident, the Norfolk Broads came about when channels that had been dug for peat in the 12th – 14th centuries, were subject to rising sea levels. Now made up of 7 rivers and 63 broads it is Britain’s largest protected wetlands, teeming with rare species - and a bucket list must. Stay at Thorpe Forest, around an hour’s drive away.


Follow the legend of Robin Hood

Where better to immerse yourself in the legend of England’s most famous outlaw, Robin Hood, than Sherwood Forest. Explore the church in Edwinstowe where he is said to have married Maid Marion, see the Major Oak, where, according to the legend, he and his Merrie Men gathered, and then try your own hand at archery on an archery holiday, down in the forest.


Go surfing on Fistral Beach

No need to go surfin’ USA, when Fistral Beach is on your doorstep in England. It’s one of the world’s top surfing destinations with waves that can top eight feet, and it hosts all the top UK surfing competitions. Deerpark in South East Cornwall, is about 45 minutes’ drive away.


Climb on board HMS Victory

Built in 1759, HMS Victory is the Royal Navy's most famous warship and is the oldest commissioned warship in the world. Step onboard and imagine yourself beside Admiral Lord Nelson, about to win one of the most definitive battles in British history, the Battle of Trafalgar. HMS Victory is in Portsmouth Harbour, a 45-minute drive from our pet friendly luxurious hot tub log cabins at Blackwood Forest.


See the heather on the North York Moors

There’s no finer sight in all of England than the pink and purple heather that covers the North York Moors as August turns to September. It’s the most extensive and breath-taking cover anywhere in England, and we are told it is even visible from space. Stay at Cropton or Keldy to witness this natural spectacle.


Take a ride on a steam train

Capture the spirit of the great railway age of England by catching a steam train along one of the lovingly maintained lines that can be found across the country. If you are taking a family activity holiday at any of our English locations, there’s a steam train nearby. Our favourites are the North York Moors Railway near Cropton and Keldy and Bressingham Steam and Gardens near Thorpe Forest.


Canoe the River Wye

From exciting fast-action rapids to tranquil natural beauty, the River Wye has all the ingredients for the perfect canoeing or kayaking trip. Stay at our Forest of Dean pet appropriate cabins for a family activity holiday and tick river canoeing off your bucket list, on the best river in England!


Catch a shooting star

The low light pollution at our forest locations make them ideal spots for stargazing. Have you ever seen the Milky Way or a meteor shower in a truly dark sky? It is a never-forgotten experience. Our best locations for stargazing in England are Cropton, Keldy, Thorpe Forest and Forest of Dean.


Fly down the longest zipwire in England

It’s 660m long and starts 100m above ground. The Skywire at the Eden Project is the closest you’ll ever come to flying like a bird. Described as ‘half a mile of pure exhilaration’ it’s a must for your English bucket list. And if you’re thirsting for more thrills, the Hang Loose team at the Eden Project have a host of other nerve-tingling adventures. The Eden Project is just half an hour’s drive from Deerpark.

That’s what’s on our English bucket list, what’s on yours?

Our list has something for everyone in the family and all within striking distance of one of our forest locations. Celebrate St. George’s Day by booking your family activity holiday and getting to work on your English bucket list.