A natural wellbeing therapy

Forest Bathing simply means immersing yourself in a forest setting. It is a natural way to calm your senses in a busy world. It reconnects you to the forested planet that we as humans grew up in and, in doing so, imparts you with a profound sense of peace.


Try Forest Bathing for yourself and see what you think. At Forest Holidays, we have embraced the concept and we lead Forest Bathing experiences at Blackwood Forest and Thorpe Forest.

If you're not staying at Forest Holidays but still want to try Forest Bathing...

Book a Forest Bathing experience with our qualified Forest Rangers at Blackwood Forest in Hampshire or Thorpe Forest in Norfolk

To book at Blackwood Forest call 01962 774 754 (9am-8pm Mon-Fri)
To book at Thorpe Forest call 01842 824 840 (9am-8pm Mon-Fri)


The Japanese practice of shinrin yoku

Forest Bathing is spending time in a forest to reduce stress and feel a sense of wellbeing. It originated in Japan, where it is called shinrin yoku, and it is now one of the cornerstones of Japanese healthcare.


Forest Bathing draws on the therapeutic powers of nature and connects people with the natural environment. With guidance, you can learn to make the experience truly immersive and bring all your senses into play, leaving you feeling calmer and happier. It sounds like an alternative therapy and yet, in many ways, it is simply a return to our original state of being.


The medicine of the forest

Everyone can try Forest Bathing. Even a walk in the woods brings a deeper connection with nature and a feeling of wellbeing, free from the distractions of our modern world. Once you have learned the techniques that we teach you, it becomes an immersive experience that can have far-reaching benefits.


Studies have shown Forest Bathing to measurably reduce stress levels. This is not only good for your mental health but it leads to improvements in many aspects of your physical health, including a boost to your immune system. It also frees up your creativity and problem-solving capabilities and it improves your mood.

Forest bathing at Forest Holidays

At one with the forest

You can enjoy Forest Bathing at Blackwood Forest and Thorpe Forest. Our Forest Rangers are qualified Forest Therapy guides with the Association of Nature and Forest Therapy Guides and Programs (ANFT). Their training has included an 8-day residential programme on the forest slopes of the Alps in France.


The Forest Bathing experience lasts for three hours and includes a guided walk through the forest, with invitations to open your senses to the world around you. You won’t walk far but you will appreciate the forest in a deeper and more meaningful way than ever before. The experience ends with a shared tea ceremony using foraged plants.


Forest Bathing is available on Tuesday and Saturday at Thorpe Forest and on Wednesday and Saturday at Blackwood Forest and costs £30.00 per person. Saturday bookings can only be made by calling our Contact Centre due to limited availability. You leave with a free guide to help you continue to get the most out of your Forest Bathing, as well as a renewed connection to the natural world and a deep sense of wellbeing.

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"The forest is the therapist, our Forest Rangers are simply guides"