Young people

Young people

Forest Holidays

When people connect with nature, good things happen

We believe the earlier this happens, the better. As soon as children cultivate a sense of real natural wonder, they open a whole new world of creativity and curiosity.

Real adventure in real forests

  • Outdoor play is key

    Outdoor play is key

    Less than 10% of children regularly play in natural spaces. We love that we can offer freedom and fresh forest air on holiday.

  • Children love wildlife

    Children love wildlife

    But did you know that they struggle to identify wildlife. Over 50% can't tell the difference between a bee and a wasp.

  • Screentime is on the rise

    Screentime is on the rise

    Screentime is at an all time high. We want children to disconnect from the digital world and take time to have fun in nature.

Get closer to nature on a Forest Holiday

By teaching children to understand the forest and its wildlife, we inspire the next generation to love and look after our natural environment.

Outside play is fundamental to young people. As well as providing fresh air and exercise, it's one of the essential ingredients for our children’s wellbeing, education, and social development.

Real adventures with Real Forest Rangers

Real adventures with Real Forest Rangers

Let's get wild 

Our Forest Rangers bring the forest to life for children, who uncover animal tracks, build dens, search for mini-beasts and learn about the forest and its wildlife. 

Forest Holidays and National Parks are both passionate about encouraging young people to connect with the outdoor world

Forest Holidays’ long-term commitment to ‘National Parks Futures’ is enabling thousands of young people to experience learning in amazing natural settings.

Our aim is to connect 20,000 young people with nature in the next five years, inspiring the next generation to care for and protect our precious green spaces and improving their well-being through time spent in nature.

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