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What is Forest Holidays Green Policy?

Forest Holidays is constantly looking for ways to improve its ‘green’ status. Each upgrade and new site takes us one step closer to our ultimate aim of being as close to 100% environmentally friendly as it is possible to be.

Our cabin locations

Forest Holidays locations leave most of the ground untouched, which means they remain a friendly environment for birds, animals and plants. This also provides guests with the opportunity to share their holiday locations with interesting flora and fauna.

We also have recycling schemes in place, meaning that all visitors' waste is dealt with in the most environmentally friendly way possible. Recycling schemes vary from location to location, but for example, all waste collected at Forest of Dean is sorted by a company who separate it into type prior to sending recyclable items on to a recycling plant.

We pledge to maintain our beautiful locations for future generations to enjoy.

Our cabins

Our cabins have been built using FSC timber. All cabins blend in with the natural forest environment.

Forest Holidays new generation of cabins are designed to meet BREEAM 'Excellent' target. This means that the cabins are constructed from sustainable FEC timber, have appropriate insulation and glazing, and incorporate a variety of features such as a rainwater harvesting, and low energy appliances and light bulbs.

An environmentally friendly holiday

A Forest Holiday scores well when it comes to minimising other forms of environmental impact too. No need to concern yourself with the carbon footprint of fuel-guzzling overseas flights and, although many people arrive by car, once on site most will dig out their walking or climbing boots or take to their bikes to get around. Bike hire is also available on location.

Measuring our impact on the environment

Operationally, we have joined the Green Tourism Business Scheme. This scheme involves the measurement of our locations over the course of a year on such things as recycling, energy usage, biodiversity and even what produce is stocked in our shops.

The green agenda is supported throughout the company using environmental products and practises across the operation.

Eco-friendly partner

Forest Holidays is part owned by The Forestry Commission - the government department responsible for ensuring the nation's forests provide sustainable timber, nature conservation and public recreation. This partnership guarantees that Forest Holidays 'green' credentials are safeguarded for the future.

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