Why autumn is the best season

Why autumn is the best season

31 reasons it's the best season of all
Forest Holidays


1. The changing colours of the trees creating…

2. …an abundance of photo opportunities of the breath-taking scenery.

3. Leaves to kick and gambol in.

4. The soothing crunch of fallen leaves underfoot.

5. Seeing the spring’s baby animals all grown up.

6. Golden mornings

7. Being able to watch the sunrise without getting up too early!

8. It’s not too cold yet with the fresh but sunny air.

9. The atmosphere in the evening.

Sun burst through the trees at Forest Holidays

Stroll through the autumnal forest

10. Autumn fruits and vegetables.

11. Comfort food.

12. It’s a great excuse for an extra cup of coffee.

13. Warming autumn dinners – casseroles, pies, soups, etc, mince pies (they’re not just for Christmas) and hot chocolate – need we say more?

14. Digging out those much-loved fluffy jumpers, woolly hats, and cuddly scarfs.

15. Shopping the new season fashion.

16. Soothing hot tubs.

17. Onesies.

Tea and scone

Take a break at the Forest Retreat

18. An extra hour when the clocks go back – spend it in bed, getting active, in the hot tub, or however you choose!

19. Darker evenings give you the perfect excuse to relax in front of the telly because…

20. …the many favourites return! – X Factor, Strictly Come Dancing, The Apprentice, Children in Need, etc.

21. Conkers season gives the family a game to play and strategically places ones also keep spiders out of the house (supposedly).

22. Pumpkin carving.

23. Having the fire on giving you…

24. …the perfect excuse to cuddle up.

Couple celebrating in the Golden Oak Hideaway cabin at Forest Holidays

Relax in style together in the Golden Oak Hideaway cabin

25. The kids are back at school until…

26. …October half term and all the fantastic family adventures that come with it.

27. 'Trick or Treating' on Halloween.

28. Toasting marshmallows on Bonfire night.

29. Enjoying the calm before December, Christmas, and New Year.

30. The Christmas markets start popping up in November which can be enjoyed on a christmas break.

31. And last, but by no means least… It’s almost Christmas so let the festive countdown begin!!

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Family sat with Father Christmas

Christmas is not complete without a visit to Santa