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Forest Holidays backs campaign to protect barn owls

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Forest Holidays are pleased to announce that they are backing a campaign to protect barn owls with The Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust by sponsoring their barn owl adoption packs.

The decline of barn owls is of national importance with low numbers of these majestic creatures being reported nationally. It is of the utmost importance that these numbers start increasing immediately - and Forest Holidays hopes to contribute to these efforts.

The loss of traditional nest sites, through barns falling into disrepair or being converted, makes it difficult for barn owls to establish a breeding courtship. Additionally, the decline of rough grassland habitat, increases the pressure on adult birds to find enough food to feed hungry young broods.

Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust are now hoping to establish 60 nest boxes in prime barn owl habitat to help boost their recovery across the county. Boxes will be monitored and chicks will be ringed as an essential research tool into the lives and behaviours of individual birds.

Barn Owl enthusiasts have the option to join this wonderful initiative by adopting a barn owl for £30. Included in the pack are a large barn owl soft toy, photograph of the striking barn owl, fact sheet about barn owls, a fun ‘pop-up’ model to cut out and make, adoption certificate plus colouring-in sheets. 

By adopting a barn owl today you will help to protect these striking birds for future generations to come.

Sales and Marketing Director, Jill Grinsted stated "At Forest Holidays, wildlife and the environment are of utmost importance and therefore we are delighted to support this excellent campaign by sponsoring barn owl adoption packs which will be an essential fund raiser to ensure the success of the project. In addition, we are actively promoting awareness of barn owls through regular ranger walks, talks and presentations.”

At Forest Holidays’ Forest of Dean location, Forest Ranger Gerry brings his captive-bred barn owl, The Professor on his Forest Explorer walk on Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday & Sunday evenings. Guests have the opportunity to see this amazing bird up close and learn about their special adaptations. All aspects of Barn Owl behaviour are discussed from hunting & breeding to diet and vocalisation.

Guests who have signed up for a barn owl adoption pack will also have the opportunity to hold Professor and have a unique photo opportunity with him. Extra funds will also be raised from the proceeds of weekly quiz nights at the Forest Retreat cafe. Gerry is even planning a gruelling ultra marathon event in September to help this worthwhile cause.