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Meet Love Cocoa, our B Corp Month brand partner

We’re celebrating B Corp Month this March – our first since we became B Corp Certified last summer. So we’ve got together with our fellow B Corp, Love Cocoa and combined two of the nation’s favourite things – nature and chocolate – to create an extra-special treat for our guests.

Our spring scavenger hunt encourages our younger guests (and big kids too!) to get out into the forest and hunt for woodland treasures. They’ll end the adventure with a yummy chocolate prize from ethical chocolate makers, Love Cocoa, plus some hands-on spring crafting. Because the more kids connect with nature, the better they feel – and the brighter our future looks.

During B Corp Month, we’re showing you our way forward. As a business that’s a force for good, we’re sharing what we’re doing to support and secure the things we care about most. We’re passionate about connecting people with nature, and we’re working with B Corp partners like Love Cocoa to show there’s a better way to do business. One that’s good for people and the planet.