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Our genuinely inclusive team culture gives everyone in our team the opportunity to grow with us and we’re committed to supporting the workforce of the future.  

We all work together as one team at Forest Holidays and our General Managers at each location are dynamic leaders who encourage and motivate people to create the best possible holiday for every one of our guests. We want you to experience that Forest Feeling; from the moment you arrive to when you wave goodbye.  

These General Managers create an open work environment for all – and definitely roll up their sleeves and get stuck in when needed! 

We’re proud to share the journeys of five amazing individuals, who have all progressed to become General Managers in 2023 – from starting in roles such as support crew and operations. We hope their stories not only inspire our teams to show them that they can grow with us, but also demonstrate our commitment to being a business that puts people at the heart of what we do. 

Margaret Turner

General Manager, Strathyre

Her story: 

“I began working for Forest Holidays in May 2018 as the Operations Manager, after working in other areas of hospitality for 20+ years. I originally applied for the role at Ardgartan, but I was offered Strathyre 

I became Deputy General Manager the same year, whilst also looking after the Housekeeping Manager’s role. I have been Operations Manager at Strathyre a role I lovesince August 2018. 

Working in such a beautiful location as Strathyre is definitely the biggest highlight of working for Forest Holidays, it really is a very special place. Being able to facilitate the guests' holidays, allowing them to immerse themselves in this area and helping their worries fade away is the best feeling ever.” 

Evan Jones

General Manager, Ardgartan Argyll

His story: 

“I joined the company way back in March 2017 when I was 19 years old. I wasn't sure what I wanted to do in life but what I did know was that I was enjoying my time with Forest Holidays.  

After about a year I realised that I wanted to get more involved in the day-to-day running of the Ops team and in March 2019 I was promoted to Ops Team Leader.  

In September 2021, I was promoted to Ops Manager and a year after that I was promoted to Deputy General Manager. I’ve also been part of the two newest location openings, which has been great as I’ve been given the opportunity to teach new teams the knowledge that Ive learned over the years.  

Whilst being with Forest Holidays I have been on many different training courses, the biggest one being the Leadership Academy. Since completing this I have secured three promotions. I feel like I have been lucky to start my career with such a great company at a young age.” 

Anton Wessels

General Manager, Keldy

His story: 

“I have been with Forest Holidays for 12 years. I started in the Operations Team at Keldy then 18 months later I became Operations Manager. I also helped at Cropton for a few months. 

One of my proudest moments working for Forest Holidays was when we made it to the final group of the White Rose Awards, Holiday Parks awards celebrating the top accommodations In Yorkshire. 

I participated in the very first Leadership Academy at Forest Holidays and loved it. It was a great opportunity to meet the team from other locations and develop my management skills. I have also completed an IOSHH H&S qualification.  

The forest environment and operational roles are what attracted me! I first moved to the area with a young family to be close to their grandparents, but when I noticed there was a holiday park in the forest I was immediately interested. I enjoy the challenges of running lodges/parks and working in remote areas.” 

Sally Honcharenko

General Manager, Cropton

Her story: 

“I first joined the company when I was 19 years oldnext month I’ll have worked for the company for 10 years! I first joined as a Support Crew team member in the retreat at Keldy, and was promoted to Retreat Team leader and then Retreat Manager. 

After working at Keldy for just over eight years I was striving for a new challenge within Forest Holidays, I was then promoted to Operations Manager/Deputy General Manager at Cropton in January 2021. 

Last year I participated in the Leadership Academy, which was great for networking and developing my leadership skills. I have also achieved Team Leader Level 3 in Hospitality and NVQ Level two customer services. I also completed the IOSHH H&S qualification. 

A personal highlight for me whilst working for Forest Holidays is my journey over the years, from Support crew to General Manager, and seeing myself develop and grow as a leader. I also thrive on driving Cropton to the next level and having a positive impact on our guests experience with Forest Holidays.” 

Amy Housego

General Manager, Sherwood Forest

Her story: 

“I joined in June 2014 part time at Sherwood Forest as “EMS champion” and part time at Moira working for the HR Director on central projects. In June 2015 I moved (literally) to Sherwood to live on location and take the role of Operations Manager, until I became Deputy General Manager in April 2016.  

I participated in the Management Development Programme in 2015 and then completed my CIPD a couple of years ago as I thought I wanted a role in HR – although apparently, I just love operations too much to leave it! 

Forest Holidays was recommended as a place to work by a friend, having had a year out travelling from my last role as General Manager at Whitbread. The attraction of Forest Holidays is the environment and work/life balance I’m able to have in hospitality, which is quite unusual.”