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500 trees planted in The National Forest

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To support our growing partnership with the National Forest Company, team members based at our Support Centre in Leicestershire recently took part in a tree planting day.

Over two sessions, the team planted 500 new trees at Cadborough Hill Wood in the heart of The National Forest.

Created between 2011 and 2013 with the planting of 20,000 trees, much of Cadborough Hill Wood was covered by large areas of ash trees. However, unfortunately these trees are now affected with Ash Dieback and will eventually die.

Forest Holidays’ aim for the day was to day to be proactive in demonstrating how to respond to the disease, and involved planting in between the ash trees with different tree species as part of a programme to ensure that the wood is fully stocked with healthy trees

Both the morning and afternoon session began with a presentation from the National Forest Company on some of the strategies that are employed in the creation of The National Forest in order to lessen the impact of pests and diseases and build a resilient forest. Participants then took to Cadborough Hill Wood, where Woodland Officer Simon Greenhouse and The Conservation Volunteers aided them to plant new saplings.

Bruce McKendrick, Chief Executive Officer at Forest Holidays, said: “Our woodland management days with the National Forest are not only great fun but also a great way to support the growing partnership between our two organisations, whilst also supporting our joint aims of protecting the forest and its ecosystems.”

The partnership between the two organisations was forged six months ago, with the common aim of ensuring that our forests are healthy, sustainable and wildlife-friendly environments, protected today and for future generations.

There has been huge interest in the planting of new trees of late with BBC Breakfast teaming up with the National Forest Company to plant 2000 trees to create a new BBC Breakfast Woodland.

John Everitt, Chief Executive of the National Forest Company, said: “It is vital that our young woodlands are well managed to ensure they can support access, wildlife and timber production. This woodland programme with Forest Holidays shows how we are actively responding to diseases such as Ash Dieback by promoting mixed planting and practical management.”

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