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Forest Holidays launch free Forest Bathing experience

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Forest Holidays will be offering guided Forest Bathing sessions free of charge to guests and the general public from January 2020.

Forest Holidays has been leading the way in Forest Bathing therapy since first introducing the guided sessions over two years ago at Blackwood Forest, Hampshire. The therapy has grown in popularity in the UK and we are now expanding this offering and launching at our Forest of Dean location, with more guides undertaking extensive training and accreditation by the Global Institute of Forest Therapy.

New for 2020, and as part of our ongoing commitment to provide and facilitate a deeper connection with nature, we will be running all sessions at both Blackwood Forest and the Forest of Dean free of charge to our guests and the general public.

As we have become more and more urbanised, we as a population, have become increasingly disconnected from the natural world. Despite the growing popularity of Forest Bathing, research has proven that 92% of the UK agree getting outdoors is important for the mind, however, one in three of us (32%) admit to never having actually been for a walk-in nature.

We aim to address this by launching free guided Forest Bathing sessions. Forest Bathing is a natural wellbeing therapy that utilises the healing power of the forest. Combining mindfulness techniques with the therapeutic energy of the natural environment, Forest Bathing is now one of the cornerstones of Japanese healthcare. It's a powerful antidote to the pressures of the modern world, proven to deliver lasting benefits to both physical and mental wellbeing.

Our Forest Therapy Guide at Forest of Dean, Gerry O'Brien said:

"Simply being in a forest can be great for your health, helping to reduce anxiety and boost the immune system, but Forest Bathing takes this even further and offers an immersive experience that has real, tangible benefits. It's the ultimate way to experience the forest and reminds you just how important nature is."

Bruce McKendrick, Chief Executive of Forest Holidays added:

"Evidence is growing as to the benefits of spending time in nature and for us it's important to encourage more people to get the most out of this incredible resource, which can have far-reaching benefits. For many people, a shortage of time and the distractions of technology can sadly get in the way of spending time outdoors. We see the benefits that just a few days spent in nature offer our guests and those who experience Forest Bathing with us truly re-ignite those deeper connections. Our aim is to help people understand how important nature is to their wellbeing and make Forest Bathing accessible to all."

Free Forest Bathing sessions are available from January 2020 at our Blackwood Forest location and from March 2020 at Forest of Dean. Simply book your session by contacting the location's Forest Retreat.

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