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Three year anniversary of our partnership with the National Forest

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The National Forest is right at the heart of the country, transforming over 200 square miles of Midlands mining landscape into farmland, ancient forests, and new planted woodlands.

Our Support Centre at Moira in Derbyshire is situated within the National Forest and we have been proud to support this success story over the past three years. With the help of our guests, we have been able to raise £52,000 of much needed funds for the National Forest in order for them to continue the work they do; planting trees, helping to restore a rich wildlife habitat to the area. In addition to this, these donations have helped to create a sustainable, healthy, and positive environment for both wildlife and people to enjoy. 

Thanks to our generous guest donations for helping us reach £52,000 for the National Forest, which goes a long way to preserving and enhancing forest environments in the UK.

To find out more about the National Forest, you can visit their website at