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We're proud to be partnering with Plenty

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This spring, Forest Holidays are proud to be partnering with popular kitchen towel brand, Plenty! 12 million packs purchased between January and May in 2019 will feature our logo and a chance to win a host of fantastic prizes.

Every single pack contains one of these prizes meaning everyone is a winner. There are discounts on Forest Holidays' breaks, offers from recipe box company Hello Fresh, board games, and much more.

"This promotion will give Plenty consumers added value with each pack as a little thank you for being loyal to the brand," says Jess Harper, Senior Account Director at Blue Chip. "Through the offers and rewards Plenty hope to give families both extra time to enjoy being together and the treats to make amazing memories with their loved ones."

We hope that it will also mean Plenty consumers will get to discover Forest Holidays and enjoy a break with us in the heart of Britain's beautiful forests.

If you're considering partnership opportunities, why not get in touch with our team? Just email [email protected]