Forest Holidays

Playing our part in Delamere Forest's future

A sustainable way of life

Our brand new location at Delamere Forest in Cheshire is open. This is a very exciting project and our introduction of cabins and trails forms part of a much wider redevelopment of visitor facilities by Forestry England.

A new way to enjoy Delamere Forest

The multimillion pound Delamere Forest plan has created a new visitor hub and gateway to the forest. Key features of the wider plan include:

  • A new visitor welcome area with a larger cafe
  • Improved toilet facilities
  • Significant landscaping improvements
  • New and improved trails and bridleways
  • A multi-use health and well-being trail 
  • A new visitor hub car park and improved overflow parking
  • 66 eco-sensitive Forest Holidays cabins in the north western part of the forest
Aerial views of walking trails at Delamere Forest, Cheshire

New ways to explore Delamere Forest

Investing in Delamere Forest

There have been calls for investment in Delamere Forest for over a decade and now through our partnership with Forestry England, the sustainable vision will help ease pressures and benefit all visitors, creating new experiences for people wishing to enjoy a peaceful getaway.

Read about the project, updates, and FAQs at Forestry England. We are one of many commercial partners working with Forestry England to provide a reliable and long-term income stream and supporting them in delivering environmental, social and economic benefits.

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Family walking through Delamere Forest, Cheshire

Creating new experiences with our partners at Forestry England

Introducing our build team's approach

Our cabins at Delamere Forest will be situated in the north western part of the forest and this location area is just 3% of the forest. During the project, we spoke to our Programme Manager, John Allen. He explains how we are sensitively integrating our location into the forest environment at Delamere.

How do you feel about Forest Holidays having a location in Delamere Forest?

It’s a privilege for us to bring Forest Holidays to Delamere Forest. This is a flagship visitor location for Forestry England, enjoyed by many and we’ve worked hard over the years to support their vision of improving the visitor facilities for all. We are committed to delivering this project in close collaboration with our partners and are proud that this investment enables facilities across the whole forest to be managed sustainably. We’re meeting with local businesses and our neighbours to ensure we play our part in creating new opportunities through the creation of jobs and long lasting partnerships. The plans for our location will see an enhancement of the woodland environment and a stay with us at Delamere Forest will inspire even more people to value Britain’s amazing forests.

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Cabin nestled in Delamere Forest, Cheshire, Forest Holidays

Integrating our cabins into the forest environment

Working with Forestry England

Detailed project plans guide the build combining woodland and wildlife management as well as landscaping with the integration of our cabins into the environment.

Build timeline and process (opens in new tab)

Our cabins are designed to sit harmoniously within the forest, preserving the surroundings. We follow strict management practices that promote sustainability and respect the environment.

Our build approach 

Together with our Forestry England partners we’ve answered some of the common questions we have been asked about the project so far and will continue to update and add to the questions as the project progresses.

Frequently asked questions on Forestry England