Martin Summers, Bsc. (Geol) Dip. Ed

Martin has been a naturalist for over 50 years, specialising in botany, geology, pond & marine life, butterflies, bats and moths. Martin's passion for all things outdoor is contagious, and he will make sure you have great fun learning about the forest life around you. 


Your Forest Ranger will introduce you to a world of woodland secrets. Learn how to identify animal tracks; head off and explore the forest by night; discover the wonders of the forest ecosystem. This is hands-on, exciting education.

Image of Teddy Bear's Picnic - £12
Teddy Bear's Picnic - £12
Take your kids on a memorable adventure in the forest! Bring your favourite teddy, and take a walk through the forest with the Forest Ranger to learn a thing or two about trees and woodland animals, followed by story time. After that there’ll be a special teddy bears’ picnic with sandwiches and treats. Meet the Forest Ranger at the Forest Retreat at 1pm. The activity lasts for one hour.
Image of Pond and stream dipping - Adults £10 and Children £8
Pond and stream dipping - Adults £10 and Children £8
The Forest Ranger dips the pond for you and puts everything in crystal clear water! You search the trays teaming with life using field microscopes and an ID list if you wish. Having discovered a myriad of creatures you then set off to dip the stream preferably wearing wellies! We finish in comfort at the Forest Retreat using a special microscope to view the "Rocky Horror Bug show" on our 46 inch TV! Takes place at 3pm on Thursday and 11am on Saturday, meet at the Forest Retreat.
Image of The explosive mines of Deerpark - Adults £10 and Children £8
The explosive mines of Deerpark - Adults £10 and Children £8
Deerpark was once the UK's longest serving explosives works from 1845 to 1965. From gunpowder to grenades, the Forest Ranger will take you on an eye opening tour. You will see forest ruins of mills, waterwheels, leats and learn of the many disasters that beset this mining area. An untold story told! More>>
Image of Night Vision at Deerpark - £12 per person
Night Vision at Deerpark - £12 per person
A night walk using superb kit enabling you to see up to half a mile on a nine-inch monitor. A high power torch, IR filter and five times magnification enables your Forest Ranger to make this something of a family team event to view deer, foxes, bats and owls. Bioluminescence also features sometimes, as does stargazing on clear nights! A moth trap is set in season, sometimes spectacular with hundreds of insects. You will remember this one! Minimum age to participate is 8 years. The activity lasts 90 minutes. Wear suitable outdoor clothing. To help guide you back to your cabin at the end of the activity, add a Forest Holidays torch to your booking and our Forest Ranger will bring it along for you!
Image of Geology Rockhound - Adults £10 and Children £8
Geology Rockhound - Adults £10 and Children £8
Have fun smashing rocks and searching sand trays to discover minerals and fossils. Take home your own collection. Learn about geology using our giant 12 foot fossil seascape collage and the Forest Ranger's lifetime collection from his work as a mine and exploration geologist in Africa. More>>