A buzz of summer activity

It's the height of summer and the forest is buzzing with activity. “Go Ape” in the treetops, climb mountains, set sail on the seas and lochs, picnic beneath the shade of an old oak tree - why not treat dad? Everything is possible in June; from the high-adrenaline, set-your-pulse-racing stuff, to long, lazy days pottering in the forest, listening to the birdsong. And you are ahead of the school holiday crowd too.


Sunday 17 June 2018

Father's Day, since it was first introduced in America in 1910, has grown to become a national celebration here in the UK - it gives us the perfect opportunity to show our Dad's just how much they mean to us, and how thankful we are to them. Make Father's Day one to remember with a Forest Holidays escape this June.


From speciality local beers, available to purchase from the Forest Retreat, to activities including archery, shooting* or Night Vision, there's plenty to keep Dad entertained!


Click here for more fantastic inspiration on how to treat Dad this Father's Day!


*Available at selected locations


Impossibly romantic

The history of the 'June wedding' goes as far back as Roman times where partners would marry in the month to honour the goddess of marriage, Juno. The likelihood of blissful summer weather, flowers in bloom and bright, beautiful wedding pictures has meant that June has remained one of the most popular months to tie the knot

Celebrate a big day in the forest that you and your wedding party will remember with joy. Woodland weddings are relaxed and welcoming, where the focus is on simple good times rather than complex logistics.


June holidays on Forestipedia

Ditch the socks & aftershave, drop the executive desk toys, & don’t go near the BBQ tool sets. Here’s the best thing you can do this Father’s Day: buy him a pair of wellies & head for a Forest Holiday.
How to celebrate the summer solstice
Midsummer’s day - the longest day of the year - falls on 24th June. Associated particularly with ancient Celtic, druid & pagan festivals, it is the point in the year when the sun reaches its zenith & brings us the most daylight hours.