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Through the Looking Glass

What’s David, our Forest Ranger at Blackwood Forest, wearing in the photo above? To the untrained eye it might look like a normal pair of glasses but for the tech savvy amongst you, you’ll recognise them as Google Glass. Google Glass is Google’s most recent innovation in the world of wearable technology, designed to enhance our lives with the ability to easily access mapping technology, browse the internet, capture images and video and share content via social networks instantly whilst on the move.

So why is David wearing them? Well, when we heard they were available to buy and test in the UK we were eager to try them out in the Forest to see if they could enhance our existing Forest Ranger experiences in any way. To start with, David used them on his Forest Ranger walks and talks; from bush skills to twilight walks to see what content he could capture using Glass.

From slowworms…


….to beautiful clearings in the forest…


…it was great to see a ‘David’s eye view’ of the wonderful flora and fauna that make up Blackwood Forest. Traditionally it is difficult for our Forest Rangers to capture images and video whilst out and about in the forest as they’d have to take a camera with them at all times and use it whilst speaking to customers. Using Google Glass means that David is always able to capture a moment or a scene instantly and save them for use on Forestipedia or our Facebook or Twitter pages when he’s back from his walk. Keep an eye out for more pictures from David’s Google Glass in the near future!

We have also bought a pair of Google Glass for any customers interested in trying them to use at Blackwood Forest. We’re eager to hear your thoughts on whether you like this new technology, how easy you find it to use and whether you even like the idea of using technology in the forest at all. We believe it could enhance our existing experiences but are keen to test this. For example, the forest, due to its low levels of light pollution is a perfect place for stargazing. There are already apps you can download for your phone which will tell you more about the night sky but, with Google Glass, you would be able to wear the technology, gaze up at the stars and get instant information on what you’re seeing in front of your very eyes (as well as the ability to take pictures and video of the night sky instantly to share with your friends and family). Pretty clever eh?